[11-21-2005] Added information about Trippin' Balls, Chico's finest.

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[07-25-2005] Added question about "dirty" shouts during Airport Song and added a line to the song meanings question with a pointer to the new album page.

[06-27-2005] Added two new compilations - "Wedding Crashers" soundtrack and "Please Don't Feed the Musicians".

[02-15-2005] Added question about private college shows thanks to Greg G's eloquent spiel on g dot c.

[12-06-2004] Belatedly added info about the Homecoming King single and Careful video. Oops.

[11-09-2004] Added address/email question (4.9). Changed info about (not) touring Europe in light of recent UK visit.

[10-26-2004] Added "What genre is Guster?" to question 3.4. Added some covers and compilations (Daniel Johnston, Everwood soundtrack).

[09-23-2004] Added "For The Lady" and "The OC Chrismukkah Album" to the compilations listing.

[08-06-2004] Moved Moria and Matt to the "emeriti" section and fleshed out some biographies there. Added Greg to the Guster office listing. Restored Steve to the crew list (sorry, Steve!).

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[06-17-2004] Added question about gay/May parade in "I Spy".

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[01-08-2004] Launched Guster FAQ v1.4.